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Updated: Apr 3

How long should I wait for a response after e-mailing you?

Three to ten days, sometimes less! My scheduler and I respond to contact form requests multiple times a week. If you have an aftercare question or are running late, please feel free to DM me on instagram. I cannot schedule through DMs, but I don't mind questions!

How far out are you scheduled?

I try not to book out past three months, depending on how recently I've opened my books. Wait times vary per city.

Can I see my design before my appointment?

I cannot send sketches before an appointment. Please be thorough with your descriptions if you want something very specific and be sure to send any references you'd like to! I do have a few minutes set aside at the beginning of your appointment for minor adjustments just in case anything needs tweaking. Thank you for liking my art and trusting me with your designs.

What are your rates?

I charge $200/hr. My half day rate, which applies to half sleeves and larger, is$ 850. My full day rate is $1500. My minimum is my hourly rate, not prorated. I do have an instate discount for clients who come to my home studio in northwest Arkansas. Taxes are included.

Are deposits required?

Yes. The deposit small to large tattoos is $100. Full day sessions have a deposit of $200. Deposits are non-refundable. One reschedule may be allowed for an emergency, such as an illness. Clients who do not show up for their appointments without 72 hours notice or an emergency/illness forfeit their deposit.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit is an agreement that your tattoo will occur on a particular date. Because artists are self employed, they are necessary to protect us from income instability. I allow one reschedule per deposit. Second reschedules require a second deposit. Cancellations are non-refundable.

Will you tattoo another artists work?

I cannot tattoo other artist's work without their consent. It is rude and illegal. If you have paid for their art and have the receipts I will consider tattooing it.

Do you tattoo flash more than once?

The majority of my "flash" drawings are pre-drawn pieces intended for one use. I can tattoo a single pre-drawn multiple times if either:

  • all parties are doing so intentionally and consentually, or

  • they are part of a flash day

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