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Forager Tattoo

Illustrator, Gallery Artist, and Traveling Tattoo Artist

Forager Tattoo is located at 203 N 24th St, Rogers, AR inside the spa. For North Texas clients, appointments for Spring will be at Trilogy Tattoo Studio (709 S Elm St, Denton) and OKC appointments are held at SSC (1900 Linwood, OKC). Fort Smith appointments will be held at Wildwood Tattoo Studio (11 N 3rd) when it opens. Locations for guest spots for other cities will be specified when the dates for each city are released✨

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Schedule with Forager Tattoo

Would you like to schedule a tattoo session?

Send Kasha a request by filling out this form.

Once your request has been accepted there will be a $100-$200 non-refundable deposit for scheduling. This amount is applied to the total cost of the tattoo. Each confirmed appointment can be rescheduled once due to illness or emergency,  preferably with 72 hours notice, though we understand this is not always possible. Second reschedules, unless they are due to hazardous weather, require an additional deposit. Forager Tattoo also reserves the right to reschedule once due life emergency and unlimited times due to hazardous weather, especially in DFW where entire interstates flood and zero city or state officials redirect flooding traffic. None of us are dying to try to keep an appointment or work. 

DFW locations are rotational. Summer 2024 sessions will be held in Denton.

Because availability is limited and Kasha only tattoos in certain styles, not all requests will be approved. This is not a reflection of the artist’s opinion of your request, but an acknowledgement of compatibility. If your idea request is not accepted an alternative artist may be suggested. Kasha cannot tattoo work by other artists without their approval. 

References pictures are welcome after your appointment has been set up. Please insure all references are sent at least two weeks before your appointment to allow adequate time for the design. Last minute design changes (especially major changes) may require a new appointment. 

Please check out our FAQs for more information.

All non-scheduling inquiries can be emailed to:

Which days of the week work best for you? If certain times are important, please include in tattoo description.*

Thanks for submitting!

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